This letter was sent to Phyllis Pond, our state representative and to Patrick Bauer in Indianapolis. Please consider writing a letter that expresses you own feelings to your representative and Mr. Bauer.


Roger McNett
9011 Woodridge Drive
New Haven, IN  46774
(260) 749-4987

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Indiana House Republicans
200 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Dear Ms. Pond,

Frankly, I don't know where to start.  I am so tired of the people who have no accurate understanding of homosexuals, same sex couples or relationships trying to make their lives even more difficult because of prejudice. 

Most people in Indiana are getting along just fine with these couples living among us and I see no reason to discriminate against a significant number of our population just because there are some people do not understand them and for whatever reason, seem to need someone to bully or put down. 

As retired teachers, my wife and I have taught and worked with so many youth and in each class, based on averages, there were one or two gay or lesbian students.  These children have grown up to be adults, who some in our state want to reject.  No wonder, after getting educated, so many leave their small towns to find places and people who will accept them.  Some get educated and leave the state while others remain isolated.  When they leave their home area, their families lose, our businesses lose and our state looses.  Children leaving because of discrimination is not a family value. 

We have been married for forty years and know many committed gay and lesbian couples, We cannot, for the life of us, see how their relationships hurts our marriage or those of anyone else around us.  Even if same sex couples had a marriage or any other legal protections, it does not affect us or any one else.  The people pushing this amendment seem mean spirited, bigoted and ignorant of what goes on in the lives of many of their fellow citizens. 

I could list many, many other reasons why this is a bad idea.  But I suppose you are aware of them. Those of us who know and respect gay and lesbian people have no desire to place limits on their rights.  They already cannot get married, so what is the point, other than adding more burdens and supporting prejudice.

Corporations, educational institutions and many government agencies have realized the benefits of gay employees.  If Indiana adopts this amendment, opponents of domestic partnerships will undoubtedly sue to prevent public universities and others from granting domestic partner benefits.   Some of our best corporations see this as a message that Indiana offers fewer opportunities for their employees, which will make our state less competitive. 

For many years I have worked with gays and lesbians, their parents and families and have an understanding based on a broad awareness and not on ignorance, fear or prejudice.  The parents, family and friends of lesbians and gays (PFLAG) in North East Indiana has put up information that I wrote that you might find helpful in getting their point of view.  I could write a book on understanding.  I ask that you go to that web site and read another way of understanding - one that is growing among the youth and those of us older folks who have changed and grown in our grasp of this issue.

Please vote against this discriminatory bill.  It helps no one and it promotes discrimination.  It protects no one and it hurts many of our citizens.  The Marriage Amendment, as written, affects many couples, not just same sex couples.  The prejudice it justifies will affect every family with a gay or lesbian child, grandchild, cousin, aunts and uncles and on and on.   And, it makes Indiana look bad.

Please help put a stop to this and let's work together for understanding, acceptance and help our state grow more positive and empathetic. 




Roger McNett