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This web site is to share, inform and motivate citizens to vote smarter. Allen County Democrats

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So called liberals, middle of the roaders and conservatives all work together on this web site. We hope you can find information that is helpful to you.
Vote Fort Wayne Democrats and candidates, vote New Haven Democrats and Candidates, Fort Wayne voting New Haven.


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- Ways to Get Involved -

ACDP Breakfast Club
8:30am at the Allen County Democratic Party Headquarters, 1920 Bluffton Road.
The second Saturday of each month.
Coffee and Doughnuts with fellow Democrats.

Dem Lunch
ACDP Luncheon Club
meeting at the Atz Ice Cream Shoppe, South, 211 East Tillman Road We begin choosing food at 11:30 and enjoy food & visiting until our program and speaker begins at about noon. on the 4th Wednesday of each month.
$5.00 annual membership fee. Attendees pay cost of own lunch order.

Women's Club - 5:30 pm at the Allen County Democratic Party Headquarters, 1920 Bluffton Road. Pot Luck meeting.
The Woman's Club meets every two months on the last Wednesday.


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* "When people have said 'poverty is no excuse,' my response has been, 'Yes, you're right. Poverty is not an excuse. It's a condition. It's like gravity. Gravity affects everything you do on the planet. So does poverty.'"
- Gerald Bracey

Newest Must Read

Why Mommy Is A Democrat
A different kind of children's book


Hoosiers For A
Commonsense Health Plan


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Indiana Voter Registration
Ft Wayne Council Districts (pdf)

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About IN Township Government

Blogs and Web Sites


Allen County Democrats
Allen Co. Democrats Blog

Left of Centrist

Left in Aboite
Fort Wayne Left
Fort Wayne Politics
Berry Street Beacon
Fort Wayne Observed

Fort Wayne HRC
Blog New Haven
A Beautiful City


Nancy Nall
Indiana Blog Review
Indiana Democratic Party
Hoosier Democrats
Taking Down Words
Blue Indiana

Jim Shellas Blog

Progressives, South Bend
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Major Moves


C-SPAN Blog Page
The Washington Note

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All Hat, No Cattle


Michael Moore
Information Clearing house



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and some of them just might show up here.
Keep thinking of us & check back in a month or so.



New Haven Citizens' Academy
Learn more about how the city works, share your concerns and help build a better city.

city hall

* Gain a deeper understanding of how local government works.
* Meet government leaders and department heads.
* Learn about government operations through direct exposure to experts in the field.
* Understand how citizens can become engaged in public affairs.
* Learn about opportunities for community based partnerships and programs.
* Serve as role models for other community residents.
* Help improve a liveable, sustainable community.

Read the New Haven INSIGHT or call the mayor's office to learn when the next academy begins.

Allen County Democrat Luncheon Has Newer Meeting Place

We are now meeting at 11:30 at 3720 West Jefferson Blvd. in Fort Wayne. We begin choosing food at 11:30 and enjoy wonderful food until our program and speaker begins at about noon.

Each month we have a different speaker or candidate to help you keep better informed.

The Luncheon Club meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month and in this new facility will have a private room and economical meals.




Fifth FreedomIf you are interested in a local group that provides tools to people with disabilites so they can organize themselves and tackle common problems. Maybe you should consider Fifth Freedom - a local group to empower people with disabilities to remove the barriers that thwart their potential. They are assembling a cast of thousands statewide who are willing to invest a little time to make a big difference.

Just so you know - we are cleaning up this page in preparation for the next election.






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